21st Birthday Party Venue Pretoria

21st Birthday Party Venue Pretoria

21st Birthday Party Venue Pretoria

Leribisi 21st Birthday Party Venue Pretoria. Leribisi Lodge is the perfect 21st Birthday Party Venue in Pretoria to accommodate your birthday parties! It is time to plan a party you’ll never forget!

Are you hosting an upcoming private party and don’t know where to turn? Let Leribisi Lodge do the planning for you! Whether it’s a 21st Birthday party, bachelorette, engagement or happy hour… To cater for between from 15 to 400 guests, Leribisi Lodge has quickly become the destination spot for private parties in Pretoria East.

There is ample space at the venue to create the perfect 21st Birthday party or any other function for that matter. 

21st Birthday Party Ideas

Going back in history, 21st birthday signifies knighthood during the Renaissance period. This turns a boy into a man, in the true sense of the word. Through the course of time and the advent of man, 21st birthday parties still signify your transition into adulthood. This is why there are several 21st Birthday Party Ideas that can celebrate fun and perform traditions at the same time.

  • Birthday Cake – out with the old and in with the new! Birthday cakes do not need to be boring or too sweet. What a more exciting way for your birthday cake is to make it with shot glasses. Fill each shot glass with alcohol and layer.
  • Jello Shots – same as the 21st birthday cake only with a twist. You can prepare 21 jello shots and layer them. Jello shots are jellos mixed with alcohol to put some buzz into it.
  • Birthday Games or Dares. These are all for good, clean 21st birthday party idea fun!
  • Sing a karaoke of your favourite song.
  • Dance “Gangnam Style” or do twerking.
  • Ask a stranger to sing you the Happy Birthday Song.
  • Take selfies with 21 random strangers.
  • Have 21 of your friends wish you a happy birthday and take a shot.
  • Do different accents.
  • Order a drink that starts with the first letter of your name.
  • Get the DJ to give you a shout out.
  • Get 21 phone numbers.
  • If you are the adventurous kind, go with an adventurous theme. Choose activities like archery, beach volleyball, paintball, quad bikes and so forth.
  • Enjoy our truly African Bonfire Boma and Braai Facilities – ideal for Spitbraais and Potjiekos.

Alternatively, you can spend the 21st birthday party with close buddies and relatives in a low key dinner which can be held in one of our venues.