Top Tips Booking Conference

Things to ask before calling for quotes:

– How many people will attend the meeting
– What is the date (and is it flexible)
– What is the budget for the conference
– What time is required for a successful meeting (half-day, full-day, more than one day)
–  Will some or all delegates need overnight accommodation
–  If accommodation is required – should it be single or sharing and for what period of time
–  Will delegates attending the meeting use their own transport or will they require transport
–  What are the seating requirements (e.g. U-shape, schoolroom, banqueting, cinema-style)
–  In what location should the meeting be held – close to the office or in a more quiet environment (e.g. out of town)
–  What audiovisual equipment is required (e.g. data projector, PA system)
–  Are there any specific meal or dietary requirements

With this information at hand, it will be easier to google conference venues in the area (location) you are planning to hold the meeting. A lot of the information you require might be on the website of the venue, but at Leribisi Lodge we believe it is important to visit the venue personally to get a first-hand impression of the site, its suitability and also the service levels of the management and staff.

Things to ask when asking a venue for a quote:

– Is the venue big enough for the number of delegates attending the meeting
– Are the required date/s available- What are the costs (and what is
– Could the venue cater for your specific needs (e.g. are they flexible to adapt to
   your  programme regarding meal times, dietary requirements, etc.)
– Does the venue have enough and safe parking for all the delegates
– Can the venue meet your seating requirements
– Is the location quiet enough to have an uninterrupted meeting
– What are the Terms and Conditions for booking, paying a deposit, etc?
– Does the venue offer any leisure activities
– Does the venue offer any special packages or discounts (e.g. for repeat or
  frequent  bookings)
– Does the venue have enough accommodation if it is required?

Once you have the answers to the above questions (and especially if you’ve paid a site visit to the venues you shortlisted), you should be able to compare ‘apples with apples’. Budget is often the deciding factor, but it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. (And most venues are open to discuss your requirements and see if they will be able to adjust to meet your budget).

Choosing the right venue is important for the successful outcome of your meeting. And you do want all delegates attending to leave with a favourable expression. The way your quote enquiry is handled is already a good indication of how you and you will be treated on the day.

A professional and experienced conference venue will be able to assist you with the planning and the smooth-running of your meeting. And with happy (and well-fed) conference-goers, you are far more likely to achieve the goals you have set for your meeting.

At Leribisi Lodge we provide a quiet and serene experience in a countryside environment, with loads of parking, a variety of conference rooms and amazing flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

We look forward to assisting you with your next conference quote and invite you to visit us to enjoy our hospitality and view our venue. Contact our Conference Team today for more information!

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