Training Venues Pretoria East

Training Venues Pretoria East

Sirius Training in Association with Leribisi Lodge


SIRIUS TRAINING complies with all the requirements set out by the authorities to tender for training projects. As a training provider, with more than 19 years of experience in government/SETA projects as well as private corporate companies, our members are practically orientated to customise a solution to address the needs in your company.

  • SIRIUS consist of members, who are tertiary qualified with experience in the corporate, SMME and local government world and they have functioned on different levels including the executive level.
  • No training intervention is too big or too small. If necessary, additional capacity can be brought into any project from our other business associates. All the material used for training is accredited or unit aligned and consists of a learner manual, assessment guide and facilitator’s guide.
  • SIRIUS TRAINING CC numbers are:

CC:  2004/011575/23

  • SIRIUS TRAINING operates under the SIRIUS brand name which implies:

o      Training material, assessment tools, facilitator’s guides, assessors and moderators are accredited at the Services SETA.

o      A Quality Management System to ensure peace of mind for the clients.

o      Legal compliance audits

o      Tax clearance certifications.

o      In-house academy of excellence to ensure continuous professional development of facilitators and project leaders.

  • Experience

o  SIRIUS successfully managed learnerships for the Wholesale and Retail SETA, Food and Beverage SETA and skills programs for the MERSETA, BANKSETA and INSETA.

o  SIRIUS did training and facilitation for community facilitators and leaders in the Kungwini district. The purpose was upliftment and to be self-sufficient.

o  SIRIUS was involved with an SMME project for the MERSETA to train entrepreneurs in the plastic industry. The communities in the Tshwane Metro also benefited from this project.

o  SIRIUS also did the following training recently:

–  Anglo Gold Ashanti: Management – Silicosis awareness

–  Multotec: S.H.E. Rep

–  Eurocopter: Process mapping


–  Leeupan: Ablution training

–  Johnson Matthey: Incident Investigation

–  Signature Life Hospitality: HIV/ AIDS Awareness

–  Lasher: Noise-induced Hearing Loss

–  Eurocopter: Conflict management

–  Anglo Gold Ashanti: ISO 14000 Awareness

–  Vesuvius: HIRA

–  Johnson Matthey: HAZOP

–  Newcastle- Amajuba: Sexual Harassment

–  Landbank: Financial management and case study development 

  • Support

SIRIUS TRAINING is based at Leribisi Lodge. Ample training facilities, training equipment and catering facilities are available at our premises, but we are also mobile to render services anywhere. See web site for further reference

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

The SIRIUS TRAINING members are well trained and experienced in the realities existing in the different communities. All our members are entrepreneurs themselves and they know what is required to start an enterprise form nothing, with little support and all the stumbling blocks to overcome. You cannot lead someone if you did not walk the road yourself.

  1. SIRIUS TRAINING will supply the following:
  • All training equipment needed
  • All training material needed
  • Formative assessment of learners
  • Attendance certificate to learners
  • Training report. 


Flip du Plessis and Anton Dreyer

Extribyte in Association with Leribisi Lodge


Management and Supervisory:

  • HR for non-HR Managers/Line Managers : 3 Days
  • Strategic Planning : 2 Days (Accredited)
  • Problem Solving : 2 Days (Accredited)
  • Business Writing Skills : 4 Days (Accredited)
  • Motivate and Build a Team 2 Days(Accredited)
  • Professional Presentation Skills : 2 Days (Accredited)
  • Conducting Effective Meetings : 2 Days (Accredited)
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers : 2 days
  • Managing Change : 3 days (Accredited)
  • Diversity Management : 3 days (Accredited)
  • Managing Individual and Team Performance : 3 days (Accredited)
  • Supervise a Work Unit : 3 days(Accredited)
  • Customer Service and Improvement : 2 days (Accredited)
  • Decision Making : 2 days (Accredited)
  • Introduction to Leadership : 2 days (Accredited)
  • Strategic Planning and Leadership : 3 days (Accredited)

Practical Employee Relations:

  • Employee Relations Principles : 2 Days
  • Employee Relations Management : 5 Days
  • Chairing and Presenting Disciplinary Cases (Accredited) : 4 Days
  • Preparing Witnesses and Leading Evidence : 2 Days
  • Investigating misconduct : 1 Day
  • Handling Disciplinary Appeals : 2 Days
  • Handling Grievances : 1 Day
  • Workplace Negotiations and Collective Bargaining : 2 Days
  • Incapacity Management : 2 Days
  • Managing Day to Day Discipline : 1 Day
  • Presenting cases at Conciliation and Arbitration : 2 Days
  • Dealing with Condonation and Rescission Applications : 1 Day

Personal Advancement:

  • Interpersonal Relations and Communication : 2 Days
  • Emotional Intelligence : 2 Days (Accredited)
  • Personal Financial Risks and Challenges : 1 Day
  • Stress Management : 1 Day
  • Self Management : 2 days
  • Business Negotiation Skills : 2 days
  • Sales Training Workshop : 2 days
  • Manage Conflict in the Workplace : 2 days (Accredited)

 Practical HR Training:

  • Integrated Approach to Strategic HRM : 2 Days
  • Visionary thinking and HR Strategy Building : 2 Days
  • Attracting and Employing Quality People : 2 Days
  • People Development in the SA context : 2 Days
  • Managing Individual and Organisational Dynamics : 2 Days
  • Employment Equity and Skills Development : 2 Days
  • Managing Absenteeism : 1 Day
  • Performance Management: (Accredited) 3 Days
  • Effective Selection and Interviewing Skills : 2 Days
  • Coaching and Mentoring 2 Days

Computer Training (All Accredited):

  • Ms Word Basic : 2 days (Accredited)
  • Ms Word Intermediate : 1 day (Accredited)
  • Ms Excel Basic : 2 days (Accredited)
  • Ms Excel Intermediate : 1 day (Accredited)
  • Ms Project ; 3 days (Accredited)
  • Ms Power Point : 2 days (Accredited)
  • Ms Access : 2 days (Accredited)    

Project Management:

  • Fundamentals of Project Management : 3 Days (Accredited)
  • Advanced Project Management : 3 Days  (Accredited)
  • PMP Preparation : 5 days

Industrial Psychologist / Career Counsellor in Association with Leribisi Lodge

Industrial Psychologist / Career counsellor
  1. Do you experience problems with                                           
  •  Literacy levels ?
  •  Subject choices ?
  •  Study choices ?
  •  Low APS scores ?
  •  Career choices ?
  1. We are using the following instruments or a combination of them for gr 8’s to gr 12’s.
  • D.A.T. (Differential Aptitude Test)

          Measures: What I can do

          The aptitude in the 6 main occupational fields

          School mark potential

          High school readiness

  • SAVII (South African Vocational Interest Inventory)

          Measures: What I want to do

          The interest in the 18 main occupational fields

          Introduces possible careers to learners

  • JPQ (Jung Personality Questionnaire)

          Measures: What will fit in with me

          The 6 fields used for decision-making

  • CDQ (Career Development Questionnaire)

          Measures: The information required for the 5 career planning steps .

  • We also do school mark analysis and personal career choice evaluation.
  1. We have been rendering services to 45 government and private schools over the past two years where more than 8000 profiles were issued.
  2. If we can assist you  or if you require more information , please contact me on cell 072 195 3630.