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School Camp Venues Pretoria

School Camp Venues Pretoria

First of all, School Camp Venues Pretoria – Leribisi Lodge is conveniently close to central Gauteng. Above all, This highly recommended camp run by Flip du Plessis and his well trained, experienced team of young facilitators has our schools coming back time after time. Facilities: A thatched Boma for dining & group activity sessions should it be raining. Cutlery & crockery provided for learners but they must bring their own bedding.

Catering: We never receive complaints from our clients and schools as the meals provided are of excellent quality and variety including special diet requirements such as vegetarian, Halaal etc.  

Programme: A programme can be customised to specifically suit your group’s requirements.  

Most noteworthy is the Activities. As a result it can include hands-on environmental education, leadership identification & development, life orientation skills, team building, fun, adventure and more.

What do we have to offer:

Leadership Camp:

  1. Matric.
  2. Leader groups.
  3. Team leader camps.
  4. Sports teams camps.

Grades Group Camp:

  1. The Grade 8 Orientation.
  2. The best Grade 12 Last year’s camp.
  3. Our Grade 11 camps.
  4. Awesome Grade 10 camps.
  5. Perfect Grade 9 camps.

Life Orientation Camp:

  1. Life skills.
  2. Trust building.
  3. Respect.
  4. Love.
  5. Listening skills.
  6. Problem-solving.
  7. Career path development.

School Camp Venue Pretoria

  1. Furthermore, do you experience problems with                                           
  •  Literacy levels?
  •  Subject choices?
  •  Study choices?
  •  Low APS scores?
  •  Career choices?
  1. We are using the following instruments or a combination of them for gr 8’s to gr 12’s.
  • D.A.T. (Differential Aptitude Test)

       Measures: What I can do.

       The aptitude in the 6 main occupational fields.

       School mark potential.

       High school readiness.

  • SAVII (South African Vocational Interest Inventory)

       Measures: What I want to do.

       The interest in the 18 main occupational fields.

       Introduces possible careers to learners.

  • JPQ (Jung Personality Questionnaire)

       Measures: What will fit in with me.

       The 6 fields used for decision-making.

  • CDQ (Career Development Questionnaire)

       Measures: The information required for the 5 career planning steps.

  • We also do school mark analysis and personal career choice evaluation.

3. We have been rendering services to 45 government and private schools over the past two years where more than 8000 profiles were issued.

4. If we can assist you or if you require more information, please contact me on cell 072 195 3630.

Anton Dreyer

Industrial Psychologist / Career counsellor

Cell: 072 195 3630

In conclusion, when it comes to best School Camp Venues Pretoria – Leribisi Lodge stands out.