• Corporate Retreat Venue Pretoria

    Leribisi Corporate Retreat Venue Pretoria offers an exquisite experience for Corporate Retreat delegates. An experienced team of staff will be dedicated to ensure your event is most successful and enjoyable for all Corporate Retreat participants.

    Delicious cuisine, superb accommodation and a selection of conference venues and facilities awaits you. We excel at helping businesses host a productive and memorable corporate retreat in Pretoria.

    The Lodge is a destination in its own right so team building activities can be readily and imaginatively handled on site. There are a variety of suitable venues for you to choose from. We are flexible and creative in our approach to your event and our attention to detail makes it possible for us to work closely with you to meet your specific needs on a very individual basis.

    Pointers for successful Corporate Retreats

    Do you need to work out a strategic plan? Build your team? Launch a project? It's unlikely that you will be able to work through these projects in a one- or two-hour meeting-; which is why many companies choose to hold corporate retreats. Taking time for a retreat eliminates daily work distractions and helps set the tone that the project you are working on is important and worth extra time. Here's how to get started on making yours a success.

    • Know Your Goal
    • Ready, Set, Strategize
    • Logistics
    • Choose a Facilitator
    • Using Your Time Effectively
    • Make discussions introvert-friendly
    • Encourage people to express themselves
    • Combine team building with work
    • Diverge, converge
    • Preparation
  • Accommodation

    Spend the night (and you might not want to leave again).

    When you experience the bushveld-like peace and tranquility of Leribisi Lodge, it is hard to believe you are such a short distance from Pretoria and its shops and suburbs.

    With a wide range of accommodation options to choose from, it is great for a corporate retreat. The choice is yours – from spacious hotel-style rooms to self-catering chalets and 3-bedroom cottages. All equipped with the amenities, comforts and luxuries you expect from a 3-star establishment with a history for excellence.

    We have wide open spaces for leisurely strolling or a bit of bird-spotting.

    Leribisi is the ideal escape from city life and the relaxed atmosphere is conducive to corporate retreats.

    To round your perfect day off, enjoy a delicious meal in our country-style restaurant or a cocktail with your colleagues in our ladies bar or on the pool patio.

    Make Leribisi Lodge your choice of corporate retreat venue in Pretoria!

    We look forward to welcoming you to Leribisi Lodge … again and again.

  • Corporate Retreat Venue Pretoria

    Leribisi Corporate Retreat Venue Pretoria caters for small to large corporates.